The 'plug-and-play' airport marketplace

We’re Rezcomm, creators of the cost-effective ‘plug-and-play’ airport marketplace. Sell parking, lounge, security or immigration fast track, bus tickets, taxis, airport tours, meeting rooms, and COVID tests directly from your website. Create customer subscriptions for services like parking and dynamically manage pricing using advanced yield management tools.



Rezcomm Customer

Get to know your customers with powerful centralised customer identity tracking.

Unify your customer data and insights from all sales channels and touchpoints and safely store them in a single secure system. Harness your customer data to create and deliver fully joined-up and personalised experiences.

  • Enable customers to book and manage their entire journey in one place with multilingual support.

  • Simplify your procedures for dealing with Data Protection Regulations and keep on top of Data Subject Request Management.

  • Manage all customer data and communications in a single location with our robust CRM tools.

  • Reduce your operating costs (and risk) with zero set-up fees and a pay-as-you-go service.

  • Launch your Customers modules in just 4 weeks with our accelerated launch program.

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