The 'plug-and-play' airport marketplace

We’re Rezcomm, creators of the cost-effective ‘plug-and-play’ airport marketplace. Your customers don’t see the line between your airport services, nor should your platform. Create personalised, seamless customer experiences, providing everything from flights and parking to coffee and customer support.



Rezcomm Business

Plug in our Business modules and gain increased visibility of your entire operations.

Rezcomm eliminates the complexity and stress associated with managing multiple systems with a centralised approach. Enjoy access to easy-to-use dashboards and visual reports to help your team understand your data fast.

  • Centralise analytics and business intelligence for more meaningful decision-making.

  • Turn manual tasks into automated workflows and access reports in real-time.

  • Migrate from legacy systems to simplify your IT landscape and manage all modules in one place.

  • Reduce your operating costs (and risk) with zero set-up fees and a pay-as-you-go service.

  • Pick and choose the products and services you need today and know everything else is ready when you are.

  • Launch your Business platform in just a matter of days with our accelerated launch program. 


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